Folomie Plastic Egg Storage Container help stretch your dollars further by packaging leftovers in sturdy, reusable containers that stack neatly in your freezer and lunch bag. With folomie food container, you can confidently send last night's lasagna to work or school, saving money from eating out and processed lunch kits.

Polycarbonate (Clear)

Crystal-clear clarity

Shatter-proof construction

Can withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit

Resists food acids and oils to maintain their clarity

Most expensive option

Folomie Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids

Maximizes storage space

Holds more product in a smaller area

Great for storing freshly-chopped fruits and vegetables

Folomie Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids Features


Stacking lugs allow for safe, stable stacking

Can stack with other containers of the same brand, or with similar brands

Specification Mark

Clearly know the size. And the measurement of both side shows the level more clearly.

Smooth Edges

The uniform flange around the top of the pan ensures a smooth and secure fit into prep tables and food bars for minimal hassle.

Sealing Lid

For keeping fresh.

So far, we have discussed the many advantages of plastic containers with lids, but we are first convinced that you can dispose of expensive disposable packaging. In the longer term, Folomie plastic containers are a more convenient and cheaper option.Go to to know more information.